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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Toy Review - Darth Goofy

Today's review will be short and sweet, because there is not too much to tell.

Darth Goofy is an exclusive to Disney theme parks, part of a series of mash-ups between Disney and Star Wars Characters. Other figures available include Mickey Mouse as Luke, and Donald as Goofy. This year, the theme switched to the Muppets and there is a PVC set available at the Parks (and on eBay.)

Darth Goofy is a fun little statue, good for sitting on your desk. There is limited articulation: the arms are swivel at the shoulders; head rotates (though tends to pop off); and the waist rotates. The legs are locked in due to his skirt, so any articulation means nothing.

Darth Goofy comes with a slightly cartoony lightsaber, and that's it for accessories.

You'll pay around $12 in the parks for one of these, which isn't too horrible considering the inflated prices of everything in a Disney Park. Of course, to get one at the Parks, you'll need a ticket (well, at Disneyland you can get a 1 hour shopping pass), and it's not worth the trip for this alone. The other reliable source is eBay, where one is available for $16.

I'm glad I own one, but I do love most things Disney or Star Wars related. Dollar-wise, the value is very low compared to the run-of-the-mill figures found on the pegs. But Darth Goofy is not run-of-the-mill.