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Friday, January 4, 2008

January 4, 2008 - Main Street USA

IMG_0658.JPG, originally uploaded by Jeremy ES.

" "I caught sight of a man far down the street. Alone. Quietly regarding the place he so long envisaged, now complete, ready to bring pleasure and happy satisfaction to the millions who will visit it. And I was reminded that he, too, was a Main Streeter, never weened sway from the common bond with the great majority of American small town and country folk, their tastes and ideals, despite long identification with big cities as an eminent world figure." -Jack Jungmeyer: The Disneyland News, July 1955 " -Page 18, Walt Disney Imagineers.

(This is from me, not a book)

I never met Walt, but walking in Disneyland, I feel like I know him. I've been to 'amusement' parks all across this great land, and nothing has come close to the feelings a Disney Park brings. Hershey Park is nothing but rides dropped on a concrete slab, haphazardly laid out, with food and cheap carnival games between them.

Knowing that the Imagineers set up Liberty Square so that in the 1700's section, you cannot easily see the Mark Twain, because steam engines did not exist in that time, is one of the million points of detail that makes the Parks better, more magical. And it is a detail I wouldn't have noticed, and many will never notice.

That is what Walt inspired, this drive to go well beyond something that you spend a day at and never return. Walt inspired his people to make this destinations that, in turn, inspire people to write, record radio shows, edit together massive amounts of home movies, all so others can experience a little part of the Disney magic. And those who spend hours, days, entire chapters of their lives, who do so for little or no compensation, are true off-shoots from Walt's dreams. A thank you to all.

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