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Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Month In...

Spending is going alright. Not perfect, but improving slowly as I get a little more self-control. Bought one magazine this month, strangely enough it was a copy of GQ, which I never buy. This was bought mainly to combat bordem in my Thursday night Qualitative Research Class, as the professor has banned laptops, and I left my current book to read at home. Happily, GQ has an odd Disney World vacation insert I am going to scan and share when I have the time.

Books: Bought four this month using real money. The justification still comes too easily when I see a title I want on the shelf. Sales have been good on the Amazon store, which allowed me to purchase a second digital camera, with more pro features, without spending a red cent.

DVDS: Spent $15 of my own money on one disc. Much better than my habitual buying of new releases every Tuesday.

Toys: No toys, avoided the toy aisles, and the urge to obsessively haunt toy aisles daily looking for new Transformers has not returned.

Comics: $37 in the last 5 weeks, including some for the wife. This number will shrink as I am getting my collection ready to be out on sale, hopefully to cut down the size by 90%. The plan with this is to replace the comics with the sale proceeds with trades, and shed the rest (which is dead weight).

Food: Need to curb these spendings, as most mornings I buy breakfast, probably eat lunch out twice a week, and then some meals on the weekends. This will be the toughest habit to break, and the one that most needs it.

Coming Up: More Disney posts daily, simply to keep me working on at least something each day. Reviews of things I like or dislike, mostly tech reviews, probably not media reviews, because there are plenty of those around.

Thanks for reading for the last month!

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