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Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28 - Worst General Tso's Chicken EVER

Worst General Tso Chicken Ever

That photo, taken sitting in the Mexican pavilion waiting for Illuminations to began, is the worst food I have ever eaten on Disney property. The meal, called General Tso's Chicken on the menu at the Chinese quick service spot, is anything but. As you can see, it is shaped chicken nuggets, covered in a sticky orange sauce, on top of white rice.

I have eaten General Tso's Chicken across this country, from the chain restaurants like Panda, to buffets in the middle of Virginia, and right down the road from my house at Ho Wah. I have seen dark meat, white meat, freshly deep fried, and cold lumps sitting under heat lamps. I have eat it for lunch, dinner, and cold leftovers for breakfast. Nothing has been as terrible as this.

When I get back to Epcot, I will order the same meal, because I must know if this day was an oddity, if the kitchen somehow ran out of the usual dish and substituted this for tourists who would not care. Or is this the usual fare, served day in and day out, again to tourist who do not care.

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Rondell Spongergate said...

I HATE General Tso. Not just the dish but the man himself. Let me tell you why.

Disclaimer: I'm a chicken.