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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Non Disney Stuff

Well, my non-buying year has been a bust so far, but that does not mean I am giving up. There have been some improvements made to my buying habits, including:

  • Not eating breakfast out as much. (At the wife's insistence) I've been making breakfast sandwiches at home, using fake eggs and light English Muffins. Plus, I've traded drinking Jolt in the mornings to constantly drinking cups of tea throughout the day.
  • Still haven't bought any toys this year.
  • Also with toys, I have broken the habit I used to have of obsessively stopping at Wal-Mart multiple times a day looking for brand new toys.
  • Sold the vast majority of my comic collection on eBay this week, which gives me the reason to stop buying weekly comics. Selling these takes a lot of burden off my back when we move houses.
So, it's getting a little better bit by bit. Not perfect, but better than last year.

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