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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Please Watch & Think

Last night, during Saturday Night Live, I first saw a blatantly racist commercial endorsed by John McCain. In it, an ominous narrator called out Obama for lack of experience, then showed a jeering black man and blamed him for the current financial crisis. Then it cut to scared white people and asked if Obama was ready to lead. I looked for the ad, but did not want to wallow in the pool of shit pumped out by the McCain campaign. You know, the same fetid pool that Karl Rove called out because the lies became too much.

Close to the end of the broadcast of SNL, Obama ran an ad where he spoke to the public, told us that things will get worse, but our society is strong. You know, positive words. Watch the video:

Now remember who John McCain supported, ever since Bush ran the [formally] dirtiest campaign on record to smear McCain, thus costing him the nomination in 2000.

If you are voting for John McCain, you hate this country and the ideals that make it the best country in the world. Unless you clear over 6 figures a year, there is no reason to vote for McCain.

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