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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Planet of Primes

Some rambling backstory first...

I read a post somewhere on the Internet about shooting a panorama or 360 degree photo, then using the Polar Coordinates filter to transform the stitched-together image into an awesome mini-planet, looking like something in Super Mario Galaxy. The examples I saw looked fantastic, but I wanted something to call my own. I tried a simple 360 degree shot in the entrance to California Adventure, but without any proper equipment, it did not turn out.

Yesterday, I finally took a lot of posed shots of my collection of Optimus Primes in a park, using a cake dolly to smoothly spin the camera to keep the shots lined up. The results are...okay. One example is posted below, and I'm working on a second, which will look about the same.

I'm going to attach screws to the cake dolly to mount my camera, and then try again, maybe in a large, empty parking lot. I'm shooting this on my Canon Powershot A570, so some options are limited. One goal I made for myself this coming year is to learn the camera inside-out, which will better justify the purchase of a entry-level DSLR before going back to WDW next Christmas.

See the attached examples for wonderment.

Square Planet of Primes

Planet of Prime

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