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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One Last Gasp

Bought a couple things during the waning hours of 2007: Back issues of a Disney fan magazine, a subscription to the same magazine; and a subscription to the horror magazine Horror Hound. Already managed to spend nearly $20 without leaving the house, but that $20 dollars spent will allow for the exchange of 2 full priced games in the near future. Planning to spend some giftcards on a DVD today, and work on photos.

A picture story:

New Wendys Breakfast Menu

I took this on the drive home from Savannah during a short summer trip in 2007. The menu fancinated me, because such a breakfast has never been seen in PA. I submitted the picture on Digg, and a couple people viewed it, and I thought the game was done. But somehow, it was linked to a Consumerist story on Wendy's breakfast, and now over 5000 people have view it.

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